A Brief History of Psychology

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A Brief History of Psychology Автор: Michael Wertheimer; Antonio E Puente
Название: A Brief History of Psychology
Издательство: Routledge
ISBN: 9781138284746
Язык: English
Год: 2020
Формат: pdf
Размер: 42.1 Мб
Кол-во страниц: 271

This brief, inexpensive text offers great flexibility in teaching the history of psychology. Used as a stand-alone text or with readers, this engaging book is noted for its analysis of the scientific and philosophical emergence of the field as well as its coverage of contemporary psychology and emerging areas. Readers appreciate the book’s balanced coverage of experimental, applied, and clinical psychology, as well as the clear and succinct presentation of the field’s major events and schools of thought. The sixth edition features an expanded pedagogical program with bolded terms, a complete glossary, more illustrations, and web-based instructional materials including PowerPoints, a test bank, discussion questions, and more. Special emphasis has also been placed on the role of the American Psychological Association (APA) in the history of psychology.

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