Smart Sensors for Industrial Internet of Things

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Smart Sensors for Industrial Internet of Things Автор: Gupta D.
Язык: English
Издательство: Springer
Жанр: Компьютерная литература
Год: 2021
Формат: pdf
Размер: 10 мб

This book brings together the latest research in smart sensors technology and exposes the reader to myriad industrial applications that this technology has enabled. The book emphasizes several topics in the area of smart sensorsin industrial real-world applications. The contributions in this book give a broader view on the usage of smart sensor devices covering a wide range of interdisciplinary areas like Intelligent Transport Systems, Healthcare, Agriculture, Drone communications and Security.
By presenting an insight into Smart Sensors for Industrial IoT, this book directs the readers to explore the utility and advancement in the smart sensors and their applications into numerous research fields. Lastly, the book aims to reach through a mass number of industry experts, researchers, scientists, engineers, and practitioners and help them guide and evolve to advance research practices.
Internet of Things Concept and Its Applications
Smart Sensors and Industrial IoT (IIoT): A Driver of the Growth of Industry 4.0
Smart Sensors for IIoT in Autonomous Vehicles: Review
Vehicular Intelligence: A Study on Future of Mobility
Connected Vehicles: Intelligent Transport Systems
Design of Auto-Braking System for Accident Prevention and Accident Detection System Using IoT
IoMT with Cloud-Based Disease Diagnosis Healthcare Framework for Heart Disease Prediction Using Simulated Annealing with SVM
Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Network in Multimodality Fused Medical Image Classification for Medical and Industrial IoT
Cognitive IoT-Based Smart Fitness Diagnosis and Recommendation System Using a Three-Dimensional CNN with Hierarchical Particle Swarm Optimization
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with Cloud
Teleophthalmology-Based Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Disease Prediction Model
Significance of IoT in the Agricultural Sector
Soil Moisture Sensor Nodes in IoT-Based Drip Irrigation System for Water Conservation
Precision Agriculture Using Advanced Technology of IoT, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning
IoT-Based Brinjal Crop Monitoring System
Internet of Drones: An Engaging Platform for IIoT-Oriented Airborne Sensors
A Novel Approach on Renewable Energy Harvesting Using Internet of Things (IoT)
Security and Surveillance at Smart Homes in a Smart City Through Internet of Things

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