The Complete Martial Artist: Developing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Champion

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The Complete Martial Artist: Developing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a ChampionНазвание: The Complete Martial Artist: Developing the Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Champion
Автор: Willie «The BAM» Johnson
Издательство: YMAA Publication Center
Год: 2019
Страниц: 160
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true), epub
Размер: 20.8 MB

When faced with big challenges, young adults need time to reflect, process, and think deeply about their place in their community and their future.

Winner Best Book Awards 2019

Runner-up Next Generation INDIE Book Awards — 2019

In today’s fast paced world, young adults are subject to chronic fears of missing out, mental health issues, anxiety, and depression unlike any generation that has come before. The martial arts have the potential to help. Traditional martial arts revolve around principles and core values such as honor, integrity, perseverance, patience, humility, and respect. Each manifesting in self-expression and creativity to promote individual growth and a balanced approach to living.

A complete martial artist learns how to conquer «self» through martial arts training and how to live by these traditional core values. Although there are occasions when martial arts may be used for self-defense, its primary uses are for sport, character, and spiritual fulfillment.

People choose to study martial arts for a variety of reasons, including self-defense, physical fitness, or a desire to be a tournament champion and bring home trophies. For me, the goal was personal. I was motivated by a desire to change from the inner-city kid who made negative choices because I thought these were the only choices I had. I perceived a life as a martial artist as possibly opening the door to get out of the ghetto and into movies. Katas combine kicks, blocks, punches, sweeps, aerial techniques, and tumbling; vary in length; and are extremely effective. They are the backbone of every successful system and have been around since our ancestors had to fight for survival. The first katas were used to teach warriors the methods of battle. By practicing these movements over and over, they were so ingrained in the warriors’ minds and bodies that the movements became instinctual. Then, when they were in a real battle, everything was second nature.

We often describe a person who is highly skilled in martial arts as being versatile in every category of weapons—long, short, soft, and hard. Many of today’s styles, systems, and concepts have abandoned the ancient weapons for modern ones, failing to realize that if you first learn how to use traditional weapons, you have a foundation to use the new weapons. Weapons training is an important aspect of martial arts, because the structuring of self-defense systems is the most difficult to learn. It also provides an unparalleled opportunity for uniting the body, mind, and spirit and develops control, timing, and flexibility. When you use a weapon, everything has to be in harmony, or you can injure yourself or your classmates.

The author shares:

— His own childhood story of hardship and redemption
— How to adopt martial arts values as a way of living
— Important universal principles to live by
— On creating a championship attitude
— Examples about martial arts forms (kata) and sparring
— How to get started and be successful in your personal martial arts journey

This book, The Complete Martial Artist, offers kids, young adults, parents, and twenty-somethings an opportunity to see what martial arts can do for their lives.

About the Authors:
A seven-time Karate and Kung Fu world champion and two-time All-American champion, Willie “The BAM” Johnson is a true hero in the world of martial arts. As the creator of Wushudo Universal Martial Arts, Johnson is known for his dynamic, universal approach to developing physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. He is the co-owner and president of The BAMS Martial Arts Academy with his wife Kimberly Johnson in Laurel, Maryland, open for twenty-five years. In 1991, Johnson made history as America’s first nationally ranked Triple Crown martial arts champion. Only three years later, he had the distinction of being the first African-American to be ranked number one in Kung Fu forms and weapons.

Preface vii
Acknowl­edgments xi
Author’s Note xii
Introduction xiii
Chapter 1 The Pursuit of Do 1
Chapter 2 Universal Princi­ples 31
Chapter 3 Champion Attitude 53
Chapter 4 Katas and Weapons 71
Chapter 5 Freestyle Sparring 85
Chapter 6 The Road to Success 121
About the Authors 137

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